Yesterday, July 17, 2020, I received my SEM II results. It was 00:27 hrs and I was in the middle of watching a movie, Kingdom (Japan) when my friend texted me, telling me that the results were out. I stopped. Took a deep breathe. With bismillah, I typed in the user ID and password of my e-SMP (Student Information System) and logged in. The second I know, I was squealing and banging my mom’s door, shouting “Umi, the results are out!”. Then I told her and my dad and the whole house (dramatic). To say that I am grateful is definitely an understatement. I am beyond that. No words could describe how I actually feel, how blessed, how thankful, how content. My heart was practically leaping with joy, it even did a somersault but my mouth was sealed as I don’t want to wake anyone up from their sweetdreams. The feeling was just soo,,, surreal.

Even though I didn’t get a perfect score and my CGPA wasn’t the best (I got 3.3 in SEM I, so yeah), but this, for me is a big deal. As I seriously wanted to prove to MYSELF that ‘hey see? I told you, if you really put 100% efforts in it, you can do it, forget your mistakes in SEM I and just do better’. There’s like a very HUGE gap between my SEM I and SEM II results, that sometimes I feel hopeless to put any expectation for I scared of disappointing my very own self. Hence, I expect nothing, just hoping that I at least make it to 3.5 or above.

Now that I completed my foundation, the biggest lesson I learnt was to never be in comfort. In my case, I thought that I could simply focus in class and not do self-study and score merely because I did great in highschool. Boy, I was wrong.  What we have to do is to avoid any kind of distraction and cultural shock that could drag us down and make us forget the purpose of us getting into university in the first place. Stay grounded and always fix our intentions to study. Make friends with those who could help us understand and discuss all the topics better. If you are lucky (like me 😉) your classmates can be so much more than only friends, they are family members. Also don’t forget to have good relationship with your lecturers/teachers as their blessings counts, try to not sleep during class and be active, ask questions and answer theirs too. Most notably, never neglect our relationship with our parents and our creator, Allah SWT.

Completing SEM II was a tough journey. Through the countless sleepless night and the struggles to submit online assignments/assessments, it is all worth it.


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